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  • o-rybalke-i-okhote

    The cost of providing services : 1000 rubles.

    At your service in our pool through individual sessions with a swimming instructor at a convenient time for you!
      For new parents and their babies from 6 months to 2 years in our pool starts a new direction-AKVAMALYSHOK! Activities help strengthen muscles, develop respiratory system, train the cardiovascular redundant system, give a lot of positive emotions and cheer up! Children faster develop intellectually and physically sick less.

  • o-baze-otdykha-chayka

    Interior is designed in a classic pre-revolutionary (since Gogol's "The Inspector General") style: chocolate beige tones, forging as an element of decor, green plants, old-fashioned masonry, wall murals, paintings - all blend harmoniously in the restaurant "Hotel."